How Many Wig Styles Are There?

How many wig styles are there?


Actually, all wig brands only sell 40 WIGS!!

But we noticed that THE NUMBER OF WIGS on the wig shopping web or Amazon is MORE THAN? Why?! They launch a new one?

The true answer is that those different but similar product picts they all belong to one product. The hair quality, wave texture is the same!!!!!

In fact, the wig is the same as clothes. It has different sizes according to everyone’s height or preferences. Here, we could think of the length/density of wigs = the size of clothes (s/m/x).

However, the clothing shopping web won’t use three picts to show three sizes of the same dress, but wigs do.

SO, when you search for a lace body wave wig. There may be three choices:

While, no matter which of three you click on, they all belong to one wig, the texture, the quality and the wave are same! Just separately showed the different sizes (length or density).

That’s why when you view wigs, many products pitcs look similar and difficult to distinguish.

Now, if you always confused about wig purchase, we are willing to share “a simple shopping decision process”:

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